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Unterbergers - Aktiv Urlaub
Unterbergers - Aktiv Urlaub | In den Sonnenaufgang wandern im Herbst
Unterbergers - Aktiv Urlaub | In den Sonnenaufgang wandern im Herbst

Wine tasting and wine hike. We have something for you.

Our winery is located above the village centre in the sunny WOCHTLA WOADE at 858 to 912 metres. In viticulture, this is called an extreme location. The fresh climate, the many hours of sunshine and the altitude are ideal for developing aroma, freshness and race in our wine. We grow the grape varieties Solaris and Muscaris.

2002 until today

In 2002 we planted the first experimental vineyard and with it and our wines full of character, we proved that our Pustertal valley is also suitable for winegrowing. Well, even good!

At first we were ridiculed for this. But we had found out that wine had already been cultivated in our homeland – only one and a half kilometres away – in the Middle Ages.

Our development work has borne fruit – in the true sense of the word. Since 2016 we have expanded and now cultivate 2000 plants. Now it is official with letter and seal that we have thus launched the first official vineyard in Pustertal.

the woade

Wochtla is our regional name. There is often something like that in the Alpine region. Woade is simply dialect for “pasture”. Our winery is called WOCHTLA WOADE and is situated at 858 to 912 metres. In viticulture, this is called an extreme location. No one would have thought wine from the Pustertal possible 25 years ago. With our WOCHTLA WOADE we have proven that it is possible. Very well, in fact. Between you and me: we love extremes and like to be pioneers! The name Bruneck now even adorns our wine labels. We are a little proud of that.

Unterbergers activity programme

What we have

Mountain giants in front of the house and mountains of ideas for your active holiday

What we can do

Show you our peaks, the trails, the forest. Encourage you to do the sameas we do.

What we are

Absolutely crazy about mountains. We grew up here and are passing on our most precious thing to you. Mountain time.

Wine Olympics

Christoph, the youngest, organises our weekly Wine Olympics. Whoever wins gets a seedling at the award ceremony in the evening. Christoph is as crazy about wine as our father. Together, the two of them have started the first official vineyard in South Tyrol. His advice:

Chill and challenge. Relax actively

Fam. Unterberger
Anello Nord 1
I-39031 Stegona/Brunico (BZ)
Val Pusteria in South Tyrol

Tel. +39 0474 530371

Tax no. 01649050216
VAT no. IT01649050216

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Fam. Unterberger
Nordring 1
I-39031 Stegen/Bruneck (BZ)
Pustertal in Südtirol

Tel. +39 0474 530371


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Fam. Unterberger
Nordring 1
I-39031 Stegen/Bruneck (BZ)
Pustertal in Südtirol

Tel. +39 0474 530371

We are the third generation to run our hotels and are looking forward to showing you active holidays in Bruneck. To join in. We have two hotels waiting for you. Each has its own advantages. Just as each of us shares a passion with you. Christoph the wine. Markus his training and cooking, Manfred his contemporary history, Evi the knowledge of the herbs on our doorstep. Where are you drawn to?

Yes, no doubt, Corona sucks.

But we do everything we can to keep you out of trouble. We give you our hygiene guarantee:

we ventilate, clean and disinfect constantly. Even with ozone. This eliminates 99.85 percent of all viruses and bacteria. Door handles, lifts, handrails, remote controls, light switches, touch screens are disinfected particularly frequently. Of course, we observe the distance rules and provide disinfectant. We wear masks and serve at the table wherever possible. At the buffet we ask all guests to wear face masks. Masks are not required at the table and bar. Saunas and pool are open and safe as the virus does not like heat or chlorine. And because our fitness takes place outside, airing your lungs is guaranteed! So you can plan your holiday without any worries and spend carefree days with us.

But because not everything in life always goes according to plan, you can cancel six weeks in advance without cancellation fees. If your holiday is not possible because of Corona, because there is a travel warning or a quarantine awaits you at home, you can also cancel free of charge. It would be better for us – and for you – if you rebook in this case. Of course without extra costs. So that we can welcome you at another time. The main thing is to see you. Virus or no virus. We’ll make the best of it and look forward to seeing you.